“Push to Start”

Hello everyone!

My name is René and this is my first blog 😊. I’d like to start this post by stating what this entire blog will be about and the idea(s) behind it, so please bear with me. Starting a blog has been something that has rested on my heart for a long time now. I saw it as a new way to spread my voice, my feelings, and my opinions… basically everything that resides in my heart. This blog will be an “open mind, open heart” zone. There are many times where I feel physically unable to speak about my emotions to people and writing has always been an efficient way for me to do so. This blog will discuss many things: emotional pain, stress, church hurt and advice (yes, I am a Christian ✝), relationships of all sorts, fears, hopes, dreams, etc. No topic is limited on this blog!

I chose the first title “Push to Start” because getting to this point was nothing short of a fight for me. As I stated earlier, I have thought about starting a blog for a long time, but was unsure for many reasons. What would I write about? Who would even want to read my blog? What kind of comments/reviews will I get? But today it hit me… for this to be on my mind for so long, there MUST be a reason why I felt the urge to create a blog. For all I knew, this could be the start to something greater. How was I to know where all this would go unless I did it? So here I am. Upon creating my blog page, I prayed that God would have His way with it and I am trusting that He will. 

So… here’s to a new beginning.  ✨

Be very, very patient and very open-minded, and listen to what people have to say. —A. J. McLean



8 thoughts on ““Push to Start”

  1. This is the start of something big to come. Proud of you Ren`e. Keep the Lord at the forefront and pray for wisdom in the handling of every subject.

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  2. This is the start of something big. Proud of you Ren`e. Keep the Lord at the forefront and pray for wisdom in the handling of every subject.

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  3. Im proud of your first step. Most of us need a push to start something., anything… but the fear of failure manifests in failing to start. I’m humbled to witness your growth!

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  4. I already feel this and I know it will be good, and will be an inspiration to many people. This is what a lot of people need, an open door where they can have a open mind and an open heart. I love this! Praying for success

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  5. Bless you Re’ne,
    Speak your heart, all that God tell you to say, speak it! Use this plug, to help win souls to Christ, tell your testimony, where you’re come from, what you’re experience, the hurts, the joy, highs, and lows! As a young Christian, you have much to say, sound the Alarm, in love,let your voice be heard!


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