About the Author

René P. Peart, author & visionary, is the mind behind Heart Without Walls. Her desire to share her heart and voice to inspire those around her is what birthed this blog’s idea. Born in the beautiful island of Jamaica, René moved to the state of Maryland in the United States in 2008 and began anew what is known to be the inspiration of her written work, her life. A soft-spoken child growing up, she sought for her voice to be heard in creative ways, namely singing and writing, and was always told that her voice held unmistakable power and influence.
Now an honors graduate of Bowie State University with her B.S. in Psychology, René is pursuing her M.A. in Counseling Psychology and aims to use both her knowledge and experience to aid and impact those around her, as well as expand her writing horizon. Spoken word poetry is her forte. Throughout her life, René has seen writing spoken word as an effective outlet, and according to those who have heard her pieces, she has an unmistakable resonance.
Her passion to help, advise, and inspire others like herself and those who have faced similar trials drives her to reveal and share the very thoughts and heart that she has hid away from many.