STOP KILLING US: Being Black in Amerikkka

There is a deadly virus in the United States of America that has resided here for centuries and has claimed hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of lives. Not influenza. Not HIV. Not COVID-19. The relentless virus is known as RACISM.

Let me give my short rant… like most people, I am fed up and sick and tired of being sick and tired. I could take for hours about this because there is so much that needs to be said, but for my peace of mind, I’ll keep it brief. This year has been incredibly difficult so far and so many things have happened. The past few weeks have been especially heavy and heartbreaking for the black community. There is absolutely no reason why we, as black people, should be targeted and living in fear all for the sake of being black… being beautifully blessed with melanin. Although people of color (POC) are also victims of racism, this post is SPECIFICALLY about BLACK PEOPLE. Yes, there is a difference. Since times of slavery, black people have suffered unjustly at the hands of racism, and hundreds of years later, we still are.

And for those of you who counteract with “Why are you bringing up the past?,” the fact that the oppression and unfair treatment/killings of black people are still occurring in this day and age is the very reason we still talk about it. Nothing has changed. A quote that has been spreading recently is that racism hasn’t necessarily gotten worse, it’s just being filmed and documented for the world to see.

Nothing has changed.
Source: Twitter (@Namixcv)

I have such difficulty grasping the concept of racism. Why hate/belittle someone because of their skin color? On what earth are less than the white man? Listen, black is beautiful. Black is strong. We are fun-loving, respectable, and peaceful people who literally don’t want issues with anyone. We are not animals, we are not malicious, we are not thugs, we are not threatening. We work hard to make ends meet and support ourselves and families just like everyone else.

We are angry now because we have been provoked, and provoked for entirely too long. Too many lives have been lost, and at the hands of the system. A system that is supposed to protect us and treat us as human beings. I would say that the system has failed us, but in truth, a system that wasn’t out to protect us in the first place can’t fail us. Police officers, law enforcement, and politicians alike. They shoot, attack, accuse, incarcerate, and racially profile us even when we are cordial and cooperate. America was built on white supremacy and on the backs of black slavery and oppression.

We are done begging. We are done asking for equality and peace. We are done asking to be understood. We are done asking to be treated as humans. Now, we demand it. If we won’t be heard, then we will be seen. They have a problem when we speak, they have a problem when we kneel, they have a problem when we protest. The sad truth is that there are white people who blatantly hate us and everything we do, and there is nothing we can do to change that.

Racism is not innate, it’s taught. For generations, the horrible beliefs of racism and white supremacy have been taught and passed on and its effects are obvious. Black people are in need of justice. #BlackLivesMatter

Say their names. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Sean Reed. Destiny Harrison. Tamir Rice. Trayvon Martin. Oscar Grant. Eric Garner. Philando Castile. Sandra Bland. And sooooo many more.

In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.

Angela Davis
Source: Twitter (@zaynscandycane)

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